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 School & Library Reading Programs
"Where the Magic
of READING Never Ends!"

Your "Blueprint" For Success When You Book

Comedy Magician Richard Landry & His Magic

Rabbit Snowball For Your School or Library


Add smiling faces, laughter, comedy, audience participation, magic, thrills and excitement to your summer reading programr! The JOY of EVERYONE having fun as they enter into the magical world of reading with Richard Landry’s summer reading program designed to fit your library theme.


 STRESS FREE - Success Made EASY


Wonder and sidesplitting laughter WILL BE MUSIC TO YOUR EARS when volunteers join Richard on stage for wacky, rollicking routines throughout the program. Richard uses puppetry, comedy magic, balloon twisting and awesome audience participation to share with kids that through reading, comes adventure, fun, thrills, creativity and imagination. 
This 45 minute summer reading program proves that reading can be the greatest adventure of all.


Don’t just hire a “part time” magician; hire a full time professional who has spent years working on and performing their programs hundreds of times in front of live audiences.  
Richard Landry has been doing magic for 30 years and has been full time for 16 years.


For Libraries that want only the best in entertainment for their children and families. High energy comedy magic reading programs with lots of audience participation that's visual,
easy to understand, and hilariously funny.

Find The Right  Tools For Your Specail Reading Event

With Richard And Snowballs

High Energy Comedy Magic Reading Programs.

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